A serene, mountainous landscape with a pagoda situated at the right.

Help Wanted

Help Us Spread The Word!

The 5 Dragon Daughter is a fantastic show that packs a wallop in both entertainment value and spiritual depth; however, our name is still relatively unknown and we need YOU to help us spread the word. If you love the show, then please talk to people and organizations you know who might be interested in hosting the show: venue reps, ministers, conventions, universities, or whomever comes to your mind! Show them the website, direct them to the videos, images, music samples, and make them aware of the depth of the allegory in the story.

If you find someone who is interested, please direct them to our booking page, or have them contact us!

Musicians, Dancers, Artists, and Techies Needed

The 5 Dragon Daughter is largely made up of individuals who have other means of income and devote a portion of their time to performing and creating art. At times when we are booking, our schedules clash. Having a bigger pool of artists will be helpful to overcome scheduling difficulties and open up more opportunities for us.

The show currently travels to various locations that are within a six hour radius from Longview, TX. Any interested person should be willing to travel with the crew for extended weekends that typically run from Friday morning through Sunday afternoon.

Our plans include developing backups for current personnel and expanding to multiple teams. In our work toward these endeavors we are interested in hearing from you if you are accomplished in any of the following skills and are interested in performing with us:

  • Bass
  • Cello
  • Dance
  • Drums
  • Guitar (lead and rhythm)
  • Keys
  • Violin
  • Vocals (male and female)
  • Visual Arts
  • Stage Lighting Operation
  • Professional Sound

A Note to Musicians

Interested musicians must be capable of learning their parts by listening to the CD. Notated music is underway and available for critical measures for certain instruments. Please ask us for notation availability if you will need music for any part of the performance.

Musicians must be able to integrate themselves into the performance without a full rehearsal. Prior to shows there is a sound check and short band rehearsal where key parts may be covered for a new musician. A full band rehearsal prior to a new addition's first show is NOT guaranteed.

Musicians must provide their own equipment and it should be in cases that will protect the equipment from damage while being transported in a trailer and/or tight spaces.


All interested parties should contact us via email at pr@the5dragondaughter.com and include what position you are interested in along with your experience and/or credentials. Feel free to ask us questions too!