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Press Reviews

Max J Pell's Music Blog

"No matter the intention of members of the audience for attending, whether it be to hear some good music, see a thought-provoking presentation, or to experience a profound religious moment, one thing is certain: it was worth it."

- Max J. Pell

LeTourneau University YellowJacket Newspaper

"While the illustrations are a stunning focal point for the plot vehicle, the music is what drives 5DD...the feature songs between narrative chapters were catchy, stirring, and very diverse."

- Carly Robinson

The Kilgore News Herald (PDF)

"I think one of the things I'm impressed with [The 5 Dragon Daughter] is the depth of the writing and composition, both the music of it and the storyline. I think there's a depth to this story that I don't see in a lot of other productions."

- LeTourneau University Chaplain (as quoted in the article)

The Longview News Journal

"'Since the beginning, we have been praying for something that is not of us,' Black said. 'We do not want something that represents us, but that represents Christ.'"

- Matt Black (as quoted in the article)