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The 5 Dragon Daughter is seeking to perform as frequently as is possible for us. At the present time, our most feasible bookings will be within a six hour driving radius of Longview, TX. Due to the time to set up the show, evening performances will work best. We have traditionally performed two nights in a single location, Friday and Saturday evening, though we desire to be flexible to work with your scheduling needs.

Technical Requirements

Please review the rider (PDF) to gain a detailed understanding of the show aspects and requirements.


To cover expenses and pay our crew of 25+ individuals we are targeting minimum revenue of $5,000.00 per weekend (usually two shows) plus travel expenses. For ticketed events, we are willing to perform if a good turnout will put us at or above the $5,000.00 target. For non-ticketed events, we are willing to discuss other arrangements. Past arrangements have included a guaranteed performance fee sometimes in combination with donations, or pay what you can.

We do not want to exclude anyone on the basis of finances alone. If you desire to have The 5 Dragon Daughter perform at your location and the above conditions do not look favorable, please feel free to contact us at booking@seriouslyproductions.com to discuss your venue and finances.

Booking Request