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"The 5 Dragon Daughter is an excellent mixture of live music, performance art, narration and animation that allegorically retells the Gospel in a unique and striking way. We had this group from Longview, Texas as a feature during our Missions Emphasis Week and we were not disappointed. Students LOVED it. Faculty, staff and their children all came out in force and enjoyed the show. You will be amazed at the level of artistic expression achieved by this group of young people. I highly recommend The 5 Dragon Daughter for any church or college campus."

Harold F. Carl
University Chaplain
LeTourneau University

"When I first saw a performance of The 5 Dragon Daughter I was very impressed with the quality of the performance and the variety of artistic media. I immediately sought to bring the show to my church for a performance. The cast and crew were easy to work with and very professional. As a minister, I appreciate the allegorical retelling of the gospel story. Often times because of the familiarity of the gospel story, people in our churches tend to gloss over the great thing God has done thinking that they already know that part of the Bible. By retelling the gospel story in an allegorical fashion, The 5 Dragon Daughter serves to reignite the awe and wonder of what God did for us by sending his son. The show gave me a new appreciation for the great lengths that God went to in order to save us, the beauty of His sovereign plan, and His breathtaking love for us."

Bob Knowles
Pastor of Students
Oakland Heights Baptist Church

"After seeing a performance of 5DD in Longview, TX, we invited the cast and crew to our church in Houston for a two performance engagement. The 5DD is like nothing you have ever seen! This unique form of story-telling keeps the audience silent and on the edge of their seats. The combination of Music, Illustration, Drama and Dance tells the story of Christ's love in a new and interesting way. The performances were a blessing and having the opportunity to interact with the cast and crew was also a blessing. These young men and women were not only excellent in their artistic areas of expertise but their attitudes and conduct were excellent as well. They were a pleasure to work with and I would recommend this experience to any church seeking a fresh way to share the Gospel."

Bob Allcorn
Center of Life / Centro De Vida