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The Music

The music of The 5 Dragon Daughter is profound, passionate, and moving. Each song accompanies a chapter and is as much a part of the story as the narration. With music spanning multiple genres including Rock, Ambient, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Folk/Country, and more, there truly is something for everyone.

Take a moment and listen to the music clips to gain an understanding of the breadth of the musical stylings and taste the musical experience that is one of many facets of The 5 Dragon Daughter.

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The cover of The 5 Dragon Daughter [Live] Album

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Audio Samples

Song List

  1. Red Sun Rising
  2. Yu-Sefu's Final Words
  3. The Lovers' Ballad
  4. Battle at the Bean Field
  5. The Desert of 40 Days
  6. The Daughter's Prayer
  7. Wu-Tang Orphans
  8. The Engineer
  9. Cement Walls
  10. Child of Fire
  11. Impostor
  12. The Lovers' Ballad (Reprise)
  13. Wedding Bells