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The 5 Dragon Daughter takes a tremendous amount of effort to produce and, at the present time, the financial returns are limited. Our long-term goal is to put the show on the road and to tour on a consistent basis which will require significant outlays for infrastructure. If you believe in our vision and the message of The 5 Dragon Daughter then please consider becoming a sponsor to aid us in these endeavors.


Uses for sustaining sponsorship income may include projection, lighting, and technical purchases; a trailer, vans, and travel expenses; professional support costs; and other business concerns.

* To remain anonymous please check the Anonymous box; otherwise, the Acknowledgement that you enter here will be added to our sponsors page. All acknowledgements undergo review prior to display and Seriously Productions, LLC reserves the right to withhold acknowledgements it deems unfit for display.


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Sponsors have the opportunity of adding a name to our sponsors page, or they can remain anonymous. You will have the opportunity to add an acknowledgement for each sponsorship you initiate. Acknowledgements will be visible for one year from the date of sponsorship. The duration that acknowledgements are displayed for is subject to change without notice.

If you are a corporate sponsor, please do not use this page, but contact us at sponsorship@seriouslyproductions.com or at (903) 234-9725 for further information.


To remain anonymous be sure to check the anonymous box when adding items to your cart. In this case The 5 Dragon Daughter will have records of your sponsorship but no acknowledgement will be displayed to the public.


All sponsorships initiated online are transacted via PayPal through Seriously Productions, LLC. If you would like to initiate a sponsorship via another payment method, please contact us at sponsorship@seriouslyproductions.com or by phone at (903) 234-9725.

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