A serene, mountainous landscape with a pagoda situated at the right.

Our Tale

The Plot

In a broken world debased by a single treacherous act, the Son of the Great King has been given the task of claiming his kingdom and restoring the land. To do so he must obtain the blessings of five dragons in a bid to free his beloved. She is complicit in the betrayal of the Great King and is imprisoned, her feet rooted beneath an ominous tree with only the tree's bitter fruit to sustain her and its poisonous words for company. During the long years of her captivity, many have come to secure her release, and all have failed.

Five dragons are the masters of her fate. They are crafty, cunning, and each has a test for the Son that he might prove his worthiness. Each test reveals the Son's undying devotion to his beloved. Though she is a criminal and is undeserving of such loyalty, the Son will face all manner of trials to prove his love for her, even confronting death itself.

Through his dangerous journey, the Son will interact with many interesting characters, each with stories of their own, each that serve to illumine the condition of the human heart and point the way to redemption.

Beneath the Surface

At its core, The 5 Dragon Daughter is a love story. Is it an artistic production? Yes, but it is much more than that. The story of The 5 Dragon Daughter is an allegory of the love of Jesus Christ. There are many diverse and unique characters that present themselves in several different ways.

Our main character is representative of Jesus Christ, and is compelled to interact with other characters while journeying to save his beloved. The results of these interactions are very different, just as peoples' encounters with Christ are very different.

Each chapter is unique and is its own allegory, but the story as a whole is also a representation of Christ's desire to captivate your heart. It is not just a love story between our characters, but a small glimpse of the love story that Christ is writing on your heart.

Understand that there is conflict. There is pain and trial. There is a journey. But understand too that there is a love that conquers all: The Love of Jesus.