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The Arts

Artistic Mediums

The 5 Dragon Daughter uses multiple artistic mediums to convey the story to the audience. Each of these components are delivered in a seamless and simultaneous format giving the impression of a storybook coming to life before your very eyes!

The various artistic mediums incorporated span:

  • Over 400 Illustrations
  • Story Narration
  • Live Music
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Puppetry
  • Paintings and Other Forms of Art

Visit the media section of our website for images, videos, and music samples.

Artistic Flow

Imagine yourself in the seat of a theater. The lights dim and an image is displayed on the screen before you. A narrator begins to read you a story. Set in a mythical world, this tale is one of adventure, love, betrayal, and redemption. Images are displayed as the narration continues which remind you of flipping through the pages of an illustrated story book. Then, the narration ceases, lights illumine the stage, and a band begins to play a song. The lyrics and mood of the song are part of the story, they both reinforce and enhance the tale. While the band plays, dancers take to the stage to perform numbers that are both beautiful and haunting. The music fades, dancers exit the stage, and the narration continues.

This is the flow of The 5 Dragon Daughter. Each of its twelve chapters contain illustrations accompanied by narration and an original song. Several of the songs are accompanied by dance, others by drama, and still others by puppeteering. Each chapter is a self-contained allegory pertaining to biblical truth and contemporary social issues. All twelve chapters combine to form an enchanting allegory of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Art Auctions

At each peformance The 5 Dragon Daughter invites artists to contribute a work representing their interpretation of one of the chapters in the story. These works are sold at silent auction in an effort to encourage and promote local art. The majority of the art auction proceeds go to the artist, while a percentage is taken by The 5 Dragon Daughter to cover our costs. If you have seen The 5 Dragon Daughter and are inspired to contribute a piece, please email our art auction manager. We would love to hear from you!